Friday, 28 December 2012

Setting up a quilting business

Q: How do I set up a Quilting Business?

A: Well this will depend on what type of business you want to offer.  You need to decide whether you will be offering quilting services only or quilting notions, fabric etc.  Will you have a store-front, or be an online business?  Will you make quilts to order, will you only offer quilting?  Will you offer custom quilting or just edge-to-edge?  There are many questions that you need to sort out in your mind before you embark on such a quest.  My advice is to start with a mind-map of the type of business that you would like to offer, keep following through on each branch of the mind-map - this will encourage you to be creative.  If a branch of the mind-map does not interest you, then mark it as so and then go and start on a different branch.  The idea is to let your ideas flow onto the paper and then you can work them through.  On this page, I will try to take you through my journey of how I set up my business so stay tuned.

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